Are You...

  • In need of more creativity, fun and excitement?

  • Seeking more control over the changes around you?

  • Tired of making excuses about your teams' performance?

  • Want to turn uncertainty into focus?

  • Feeling bored, trapped, restless, demotivated or complacent?

  • Lacking clarity of ‘what’s next’ in your career?

  • Looking for a new challenge?

  • Wanting to make the most of your life?

  • In need of making a change, like now, like right now!

“The best way out is always through.”Robert Frost
There is an unspoken expectation that leaders will consistently embody calm, care and control. This plays out day-to-day, especially during times of change and uncertainty. It’s not uncommon for leaders to suppress their own needs and emotions to ensure they remain in-service to their team and the organisation.
The problem is, we can’t sustain this approach to leadership forever and at some stage leaders may ‘breakdown’. So Renée and Shelley have taken on the challenge of designing a program to help you ‘breakthrough’ so you can be in-service to yourself, your team and your organisation. Over six-months you will shift gears, gain traction and focus more on the experience and less on the mechanics and drive your career and life from chaos to connection.

Are you ready to shift gears?

It’s time to take that 4WD off the jam-packed, restricted city roads and into the bush for some fun and adventure. We need to break our state.
As a leader it's not uncommon to be juggling the chaos of people, technology, outcomes, change, strategy, innovation, collaboration…oh and life in general – all at the same time! So finding time for fun, adventure and connection is often put on the backseat. 
This juggling act can result in "overwhelm" and can feel like we've flooded our engine and stalled. Rather than fixing the problem, we get caught up in the "doing" which can result in a focus on the wrong things at the wrong time, therefore leading to less than high performance and happiness.
When the chaos, however, is compelling enough for us to make a change - we move into confusion where we start to look at new ways of thinking and working. A bit like transitioning from driving an automatic car to manual this can feel sluggish as we drive through the fog to a place of clarity.
Once we are clear on what needs to change, we move into a position of control where we can make the right decisions and realign our values, beliefs and adjust our mindset for deeper connection to ourselves, our teams and those around us.
When you live your life YOUR way, you are in the drivers' seat and can decide where the you want to go!
If you can relate to this, then you are in the right place to fast-track your leadership and your life.
Investing in this six-month program is like upgrading your car from a column shift manual to a fully self-driving automatic. 

Attend if you're

  • Ready for change now, like right now!

  • Open to having a little fun and adventure.

  • Ok with being challenged and getting out of your comfort zone.

  • Wanting more control over your career.

  • Looking for ways to improve how you lead self and others.

Don't attend if

  • You think you’ve learnt all you can.

  • Your ego is more important than your development.

  • You aren't ready to be open, honest and contributive.

  • You’re happy with a status quo mindset.

  • You see no reason to change.

Shifting Gears is the route to fun, faster and more effective leadership!


Structure of the program:

Throughout the six-month program you will work with Shelley and Renée, both individually and in a group, to reignite:

  • Adventure – spark your interests and drive greater satisfaction

    – Find your fun
    – Face your fears
    – Follow your purpose

  • Connection – re-energise the relationship with yourself and those around you

    – Find the connection
    – Be the connector
    – Connect to contribute

  • Excellence - go from idling to acceleration by engineering your thinking

    – Define a structure
    – Consider precision
    – Constantly reflect

  • Possibility, purpose & performance – shift gears and move towards what you want

Maximum Value:

By participating in the Shifting Gears program you will:

  • Increase your motivation and energy levels.

  • Discover a new way of leading.

  • Gain traction on what’s next in your career.

  • Learn the benefits of connection with self and others.

What you will receive:


Additional resources:

Value of the program = $7,500

Your investment in the program = $5,700 excl. GST

Meet the trainers:

An expert in leadership and communication, Renée Giarrusso is an accomplished speaker, author, facilitator, trainer and coach. She works with leaders, teams and organisation to energise mindset and accelerate communication and collaboration to lift performance. 
Renée founded RG Dynamics in 2006 after working for 16 years in senior leadership and sales roles within a global FMCG. She has worked across 24 industries in companies such as: GS1 Australia, Metricon Homes, IntraxEngineering, Snackbrands, George Weston Foods, EY, Alliance, Grain & Bake, Asahi, SPC, William Adams, Drummond Golf, Telstra, Openpay and MLC.
Renée’s gift and point of difference is that whatever she educates her clients in, she lives and practices in her business and life.
She is obsessed with working with individuals and their teams to fulfil their limitless potential which results in increased performance and success. Her expertise is in growing and developing capability and behavioural change around leadership, communication, coaching, presentation skills and motivational intelligence within teams. Her work leaves her clients inspired, re-energised and with improved results. 
Along with her highly developed skills in the area of learning reinforcement back on the job, she has the experience and understanding of what it takes to lead a high performing team.
Designing and running over 3,000 workshop programs and close to 2,500 coaching sessions her clients walk away equipped with key enablers and tools to ensure success and feel even more confident, motivated and connected to their teams and their leadership brand. 
She holds a qualification in Marketing & Business Management, is an NLP Practitioner, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Advanced iWAM Practitioner (Motivational Intelligence) and is also a credentialed StrengthscopePractitioner. She holds a Diploma and Cert IV in Executive Coaching and a Cert IV in Training and Advanced Presentation Skills. She is a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and PSA (Professional Speaker Australia). Renée published her 1st book Limitless Leadership, in 2017,  contributed to the anthology Leaders of Influence in 2018 and her 3rd book is currently underway.
Shelley Flett is a leadership development & team performance expert.
With over 15 years working as, for and with leaders to build capability, increase effectiveness and create high performance team cultures. She spent over a decade in the banking industry and prior to that worked in telecommunications and hospitality. She has a rich operations and customer service background with people being central to everything she’s done in her career.
Organisations Shelley has worked with include: VisionStream, ANZ, Westpac, Toyota, TAC, RMIT, local government and countless small businesses.
She is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), holds a Diploma of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring, a Cert IV in Business & Personal Coaching and a Diploma of Business Management. She is DiSC, Values Pendulum and Green Belt Six Sigma accredited and hold a PCC coaching accreditation through the International Coaching Federation (IFC).
She has authored two books: The Direction Dilemma – why knowing what you want makes you a better leader; and, The Dynamic Leader – become the leader others are inspired to follow. What Shelley has experienced is that it doesn’t matter what industry or organisation you work in, the challenges faced by leaders are fundamentally the same.
Her values in business include: Growth, Delivering Results, Sharing Wisdom, Helping others, Fulfilling a purpose, and Having Fun.